Structural Analysis & Design

We have dedicated team of Structural Engineers who have the skills and wide experience to undertake most challenging and complex projects. The entire team is thoroughly conversant with all International standards on Concrete and Steel Design like British, American and Indian Standards. Latest advanced Software's are extensively used in Structural Analysis and Design of Structures. In addition to this, in-house Software Development has been done in many areas to arrive at an Optimal Solution to any Structural Engineering Problem.

The following activities are a part of our Structural Designs services

  • Preliminary discussions on architectural drawings.
  • Proposing Structural scheme of the project.
  • Structural design & preparation of detailed execution drawings.
  • Inspection of site to ensure that the work is proceeding according to the structural drawings issued.
  • Providing detailed structural Analysis & design report

We are specialized in the following sectors

  • All type of R.C.C and Steel buildings
  • Pre-Engineered building
  • Industrial Structures
  • Warehouse/Cold Stores
  • Foundation and Special Structures
  • Earthquake analysis and design of Structures
  • Structural static and dynamic analysis
  • Structural Temperature analysis
  • Structural Pāˆ† analysis
  • Quality assurance and Design Basis report
  • Structural Audit and Structural stability reports
  • Certifying stability of industrial structures

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