Project Management

  • Arranging Soil Testing of the site.
  • Preparation of Detailed Brief for the preparation of concept proposals by the architect.
  • Selection / appointment of the architect/structural consultant/electrical consultant/sanitary consultant / HVAC Consultant/Landscape consultant/BAS Consultant and execution of agreement with them.
  • Scrutiny of Concept Designs proposed by the architect and approval of the concept.
  • Arranging the coloured perspectives of the concept scheme.
  • Arranging Model
  • Preparing Preliminary Cost Estimates for the total construction work.
  • Review/Approval of design work carried out by the architect and respective consultants.
  • Co-ordination of design work between different consultants.
  • Monitoring the receipt of all the pre-construction NOCs, clearances permissions, sanctions from corporation, storm water, sewerage, electrical, garden, civil aviation, ULC, road and traffic deptt. Etc.
  • Finalizing the specifications for the different items of work.
  • Arranging/co-ordination establishment of all temporary facilities at the project site.
  • Preparation/Review/Finalization of Bill of Quantities for different items of work in respect of all the trades.
  • Preparation/Review/Finalization of Detailed Tender Documents for all the trades.
  • Short listing / Prequalifying the contractors for various trades.
  • Invitation of tenders, scrutiny of bides, clarification to queries, making comparative statements, negotiations with bidders, evaluation of prices and finalizing the contract for all the trades.
  • Preparation of contract documents and execution of the same by the contractors.
  • Preparing schedules of materials in respect of items proposed to be procured by the employer/supplied to the contractors.
  • Managing procurement of the above stated materials, cement, steel, tiles, and any other materials required to be issued to the contractors, including inviting quotations, negotiations, finalization of rate contracts, placement of purchase orders, inspection of materials and settling the bills of the suppliers.
  • Detailed supervision of contractors works at project site.
  • Co-ordination between different contractors.
  • Monitoring/expediting the progress of contractors through project management techniques.
  • Checking/certifying contractor's running and final bills and settlement of claims of the contractors.
  • Preparation of progress reports.
  • Arranging 'as built'/User Manual drawings, of all the trades.


  • Preparation of Financial Feasibility Reports.
  • Managing Financing of the project from Financial Institutions.
  • Handling books of accounts up to finalization including profit and loss a/c . and balance sheet.
  • Handling all accounting matters.
  • Handling property and other taxation matters and filing of Returns.
  • Budgetary Controls.
  • Rate Analysis.
  • Preparation of Cash Flow Statements.


  • Conceptualization & Sales promotion.
  • Sales negotiations with prospective buyers.
  • Sales Documentation
  • Leasing to Corporates

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